• Categories probably aren't that significant but it helps new people to find their way around. Here are he necessary category types:

    • Monsters - EVERY monster featured in anything Rampage-related (that is official).
    • Playable Monsters - The list of monsters that can be played.
    • Unplayable Monsters - What if, in the future, there are "bosses" or monsters exclusive to TV shows or comics? They could go here.
    • Exclusive Monsters - A list of monsters that are... well, exclusive.
    • Scrapped/concpt Monsters - A list of monsters that may have made it into any final version of any Rampage game that we may not know of.
    • Special Monsters - This is a list of monsters which either have unique stats (E.G. Bubba, Eyegore and Philbert), or monsters which aren't mutated into animals but into other things (E.G. Rocky, V.E.R.N, Myukus, Brian, Jack, Venus, etc).
    • Animal Monsters - This is a list of monsters which are mutated, typically, into giant-sized animals (E.G. George, Lizzie, Ralph, Boris, Curtis, Ruby, Ramsey, etc).
    • Female Monsters - This already exists as "List of Female Monsters/Mutants", but is it really necessary? When you look at the suggested articles at the bottom of an article about a female monster, only females show up, no males. Is this really classed as sexism? I mean the male monsters don't really need classing. Unlike monsters from Godzilla (E.G. Kumonga or Biollante) or War of the Monsters (Preytor) the names of Rampage monsters clearly distinguish the gender of each monster. It has always annoyed me when people call female monsters "male". What is also confusing is Shelby is a male's name, but Shelby the Tortoise is a she.
    • Mammal Monsters - Simple really. A list of mammal monsters (E.G. George, Ralph, Boris, Curtis, Harley, Wally, etc).
    • Invertebrate Monsters - Monsters that have an exoskeleton/ are insects (E.G. Fabio). Crustacean monsters (E.G. Ruby) could be a sub-category.
    • Crustacean Monsters (see above).
    • Reptile Monsters - Monsters that are... scaley! Or lay eggs (E.G. Lizzie, Kingston, Shelby, Crock).
    • Amphibious Monsters - Monsters that can live on both land or in the sea (E.G. Gilman?)
    • Aquatic/ Marine Monsters - Monsters that are based of creatures that live in the sea (E.G. Marco, Cal, Natalie). Then again, in the whole of R:TD they don't really spend their time in the ocean.

    So, is this kind of categorisation a bit dramatic is some standards? Should we only stick to "Monsters" and "Playable Monsters"?

    What kind of categorisation should we have?

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    • that  is  a  great  idea

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    • Thank you! Are there any other categorization-related suggestions you would like to put forward?

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    • well  i  have   a  categorie   idea  for  two   one  for  weak  monsters and  one  for  strong   monsters  so  if  somewone  reads  on  the  wiki  before  they  play  the  game   they  will now  what  monsters  to  use

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    • Yeah, all the ones you presented as examples should be put up, Silver.

      As for the weak monsters and strong monsters, I think every monster has it's ups and downs, and it's basically just a matter of opinion. Maybe when the Rampage series gets more, complex, then there will be actual stats and then those categories could come into place.

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    • Other than the scrapped monsters from the cancelled 2012 Kinect project (and the game itself unfortunately) I don't think we're missing any monsters. Though you can add stats for each monster in the ways of A, B & C tiers based off their Crush, Climb & Jumping abilities shown in TD. Another idea would be to make pages for Dr. Betty Veronica & Eustas DeMonic. They may not be mutants but i'd say both were pretty significant characters. ^^

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    • It is a shame that the reboot was cancelled; not because of the kinect's horrendous controls but the opportunity to have more monsters (even the mech in the back!). I think adding them in tiers of capabilities is an excellent idea. We should try it out!

      And as for Eustas DeMon, I have been meaning to add them for ages! Thank you for reminding me! Speaking of such we need to bulk up the Scumlabs and Scum Soda articles. Indeed they are significant characters.

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