• As some of you may know, I have been carefully updating the homepage. Originally it looked... shall we say 'not so good'? I decided to add more so it was more informative and proffessional.

    Problem is, we need more, for I feel something, or things, are missing. One thing that definitely needs to be added is a link to the Rampage fan section of the forums (or an article/category pageĀ ALL ABOUT FAN STUFF!), of which people can write fan fictions or post fan art. An article all about Rampage fan fiction seems reasonable because each heading could lead to a thread or external website featuring Rampage fan content. I may even create a Wiki dedicated to Rampage fan content, much like the Sonic Fanon wiki. I'm sure nothing will go wrong... like Fantendo Wiki anyways.

    Bottom Line: Anything neccessary needed to be added? Like an "About" or "Rules" page? Maybe searching other wikis for inspiration might do me good ...

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