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Ralph the Wolf
Species Wolf
Gender Male
Fur Color Black
Skin Color Cream, and later blue (Rampage games)
Slightly Pale White (Film adaption)
Eye Color Yellow
Speed Basic
Jumping Basic
Crushing Strong
First Appearance Rampage (1986)
Last Appearance Rampage (2018)
My what sharp teeth Ralph has! The well-balanced wolf likes to howl through the city, tossing taxicabs (or whatever else gets in his way), into buildings or into the distance. we've heard hungry like the wolf, but this is ridiculous
— Official Rampage: Total Destruction description

Ralph is a major antagonist in 2018 science-fiction monster action film Rampage.

He is a wolf monster and is usually depicted as the third protagonist out of The Wrecking Crew, the other two being George and Lizzie. He made his first debut in Rampage (1986), then reappeared in Rampage: World Tour, Rampage 2: Universal Tour, Rampage Through Time, Rampage: Puzzle Attack, and the most recent game in the series, Rampage: Total Destruction. He was also scheduled to appear in Rampage (cancelled Kinect reboot) but the project was sadly cancelled in late 2012.


In every Rampage game, Ralph, along with George and Lizzie, are typically mutated into monsters through experiments conducted at Scumlabs (or any other science-related quandary). These experiments go horribly wrong and transform them into giant monsters. This is the generic origin for most monsters that appear in the Rampage franchise. However it differs slightly in each game:

Rampage (1986)[]

Ralph was an ordinary human until he became mutated by a food additive in a hot dog, becoming a giant sized wolf as a result. Coincidentally, Lizzie and George also became mutated into giant monsters. Throughout the game the trio desolate every high-rise city, destroying buildings, gorge on civilians, smash vehicles and eradicate offensive military forces which stood in their wake of destruction until they reach Plano, Illinois, the final level of the game.

Ralph is the only monster able to hold business men.

Rampage: World Tour (1997)[]

Ralph's origin is in fact asymmetrical to his origin in Rampage (1986). This time he is a scientist working at a Scumlabs facility until an explosion occurred, mutating him into a giant sized werewolf. Ralph, George, and Lizzie, mutated by the blast, travel the world to destroy all of Scumlab's bases and all of the Scumlabs employees.

At the end of the game, the last Scumlabs employee, Dr Elizabeth Veronica, tries to eliminate Ralph with a ray gun, only to have shrunk him and his friends, ending up inside her ship.

Rampage 2: Universal Tour (1999)[]

Ralph (along with George and Lizzie) are unplayable at the beginning of the game, as they are all imprisoned in heavy duty cages for the whole world to see. This is because Dr Elizabeth Veronica captured them once they were tiny. They are in New York City, Tokyo and Ralph was held captive in London. He awaits for his rescue when the newer monsters Boris, Curtis and Ruby are created from another explosion created during an experiment in a new lab in Salt Lake City.

Once Ralph's cage has been smashed open, he is unlocked as a playable monster. The code to play as Ralph is 'LVPVS'.

After Ralph, George and Lizzie have been freed, they are all playable during the invasion of the aliens when they attempt to conquer the Earth.

Rampage Through Time (2000)[]

Ralph returns to Earth after having dealt with the alien invasion aftermath, smashing straight through the roof of the building housing the time machine and hopping in. He then immediately dashes towards the time machine, entering through the portal that opened up.

He and the rest of the monsters then begin to terrorize the past, present and future, thus creating a disruption through important events in history, messing up the time stream.

Rampage: Puzzle Attack (2001)[]

Ralph will occasionally climb the side of the bin vthe player is dropping blocks in and jump into the bin if the player has achieved a specific goal or objective.

In Rescue Mode, sometimes Ralph is imprisoned in a huge metal cage at the bottom of the screen until the player frees him by removing all the blocks on top of his cage before time runs out.

Rampage: Total Destruction (2006)[]

Ralph drank some Scum Soda, causing him to have a violent reaction, transforming him into a giant sized werewolf. He is one of the 6 initially playable monsters that broke out of his Cryo-Tube, along with George, Lizzie, Rhett, Ramsey, and Gilman (and later 8 initially playable monsters in the Nintendo Wii version, along with Boris and Ruby).

At the end of the game, when Ralph reaches the final Scum Soda base in New York City, a Scum Blimp will try to fire green lasers at him, of which deal a great amount of damage if the rays do make contact with him.

In the credits, Ralph can be seen standing on the left hand side of George.

Rampage (Cancelled Kinect Reboot) (2012)[]

Ralph had initially been confirmed for the new Rampage Reboot for the Kinect, but there has been no definite confirmation of his prior role in this game.

Andrew Baker, a graphics artist, drew up a concept of the new game, featuring Ralph, George and Lizzie on the front of it, including a few other mystery monsters, even a mech, covered in a silhouette.

This was revealed on March 29th, 2012 on Kotaku, Game Revolution and a host of other websites.

Rampage (2018)[]


  • Debut: Rampage (arcade game)
  • Likes: Howling, Meat

Through each game, Ralph portrays distinctly different physical characteristics. In general he is always depicted with having blue fur with peach colored skin highlights, a light blue underbelly, sharp claws on his fingers and toes, mean-looking pointy ears, sharp fangs/teeth, beard-like tuffs of fur sticking out either side of his head and a brown nose on the end of his muzzle. Ralph has digitigrade legs and a bushy tail flailing behind him.

Ralph's statistics such as weight have also been the same through every game too. He is considered as "average".

However in other Rampage games he cultivates a different appearance each time:

Rampage (1986)[]


Ralph as he appeared in Rampage (1986).

Ralph's physical stature looked more serious and realistic.

He had a grayish-white fur color with cream colored skin highlights and a white underbelly, red eyes, white claws on his fingers and toes, stout ears, sharp teeth and a black nose on the end of his muzzle. Ralph has straight legs and, funnily enough, has no tail in this game.

Rampage: World Tour (1997)[]


Ralph as he appeared in Rampage World Tour (1997).

Ralph's physical appearance changed; he then adopted a more cartoony art style.

He had blue fur with peach colored skin highlights, a light blue underbelly, red eyes with yellow iris and black pupils, claws on both his fingers or toes, mean-looking pointy ears, sharp teeth, beard-like tuffs of fur sticking out either side of his head and a brown nose on the end of his muzzle. Ralph had straight legs, but still no tail.

Rampage 2: Universal Tour (1999)[]


Ralph as he appeared in Rampage 2: Universal Tour (1999).

Ralph's physical still undertook a similar appearance to that of World Tour and only some slight changes were made.


Ralph as he appeared in Rampage Through Time (2000).

He had black/navy blue fur with peach colored skin highlights, no underbelly, red eyes with yellow iris and black pupils, cream skin, claws on his fingers and toes, bent and sleasy ears, sharp teeth, beard-like tuffs of fur sticking out either side of his head and a dark blue nose on the end of his muzzle. Ralph had digitigrade-esque legs and, for the first time, inhabited a bushy tail.

Ralph continued to reuse this physical appearance through both Rampage Through Time (2000) and Rampage: Puzzle Attack (2001).


Ralph as he appeared in Rampage Puzzle Attack (2001).

Rampage: Total Destruction (2006)[]


Ralph as he appeared in Rampage: Total Destruction (2006)

Ralph's physical appearance again undergone a whole new look.

He had blue fur with peach colored skin highlights, a light blue underbelly, white claws on his fingers and toes, mean-looking pointy ears, sharp teeth, beard-like tuffs of fur sticking out either side of his head and a brown nose on the end of his muzzle. Ralph has digitigrade legs and a bushy tail flailing behind him.

Rampage (Cancelled Kinect Reboot) (2012)[]

Ralph looked almost entirely different looking to that of his last-gen predecessors.

He had dark blue fur still, but he portrayed a much more brittle, shaggy and bulked-up appearance. Ralph also had tan colored skin highlights, a tan colored underbelly, cream claws on his fingers and toes, lent back, floppy ears, razor-like teeth, beard-like tuffs of fur sticking out either side of his head and a dark brown nose on the end of his muzzle. Ralph repossesses his digitigrade legs, loses his bushy tail and, surprisingly, has a brown loincloth wrapped around his waste.

As this is merely a concept, we cannot tell for definite if this was to be his final concept.

Rampage (2018)[]

After the Athena-1 satellite exploded in Earth's atmosphere, one of the capsules containing Energyne's experimental "Project Rampage" pathogen crashed into the midst of a pack of wolves in Wyoming. One of the wolves became curious and sniffed the leaking canister, causing the pathogen to take effect and begin editing his genome with weaponized DNA. The wolf quickly began to grow into the monster nicknamed Ralph, eventually slaughtering his entire pack.

Learning one of the canisters landing in Wyoming, Energyne dispatched a mercenary team led by Burke to recover samples, but Ralph easily killed the entire squad. With the mission a failure and learning their scientist Kate Caldwell had been arrested by government forces, Energyne set off a low frequency signal to lure in both Ralph and George, a mutated gorilla, into their headquarters in Chicago. On his way there, Ralph met up with George and began working with him to fight off the military assault that kept them from entering the city.

Eventually, both monsters fought their way into the city and met up with Lizzie, a mutated crocodile, and all three continued their battle against the military until they reached the Willis Building, which was broadcasting the signal and began scaling it. As they ascended, Lizzie burrowed through several floors of the building, causing it to collapse. With the signal destroyed and George given a cure by his caretaker Davis Okoye for that stopped his growth and aggression, a three way battle between the monsters began. George quickly knocked down Lizzie before being attacked by Ralph, who eventually gained the upper hand. Davis fired RPG and fired on Ralph, gaining his attention and tricking the wolf into flying at a recovered Lizzie, who bit Ralph and quickly tore his head off.


During Rampage (1986) and Rampage: World Tour, Ralph has equal statistics as George and Lizzie.

Ralph is a fairly rounded off monster, with stats similarly comparing to those of George's, except the ability to climb as George exceeds greatly in the climbing standards.

In most of the recent Rampage games, when Ralph eats a steak, it replenishes most (or all) of his health.

In Rampage: Total Destruction, Ralph has almost equal statistics as George, though Ralph has a better crush attack than George has.

Ralph's special is Super Howl. He unleashes a boisterous howl so loud that buildings simply crumble under the might of the deafening decibels. This ability is usable for Ralph in Rampage 2: Universal Tour and Rampage Through Time.


Ralph as he would have appeared in the cancelled Rampage Kinect reboot (2012)


Ralph as he appears in Rampage (2018).

In the film Rampage (2018), Ralph has retractable skin flaps between his legs that allow him to glide and fly like a flying squirrel. He has large porcupine-like quills on his back and tail that he can shake off and use as projectiles to shoot or impale at enemies. His size is shown to be able to handle George as he was able to hold him down without too much difficulties. As he was a wolf before mutation, his stamina was high though with genetic editing, his attributes were enhanced as well. Ralph's stamina and speed is shown to be greater than George as the wolf was able to run much longer distances, fight off the military and even the mutated albino gorilla. Ralph was also able to leap high distances and can take hit from explosions on his face with little suffering. It was shown briefly that his combat might be little better than George due to Ralph being from the wild and likely knowing more of survival than George since the latter lived in captivity his whole life.

  • Superhuman physical strength
  • Superhuman physical durability
  • Superhuman physical speed
  • Superhuman physical stamina
  • Superhuman physical agility
  • Superhuman physical reflexes
  • Superhuman physical senses
  • Superhuman physical endurance
  • Superhuman physical high intelligence
  • Superhuman physical hearing
  • Superhuman physical roaring/howling
  • Enhanced physical camouflage
  • Superhuman physical leaping
  • Enhanced physical climbing
  • Superhuman physical resilience
  • Superhuman physical stealth
  • Superhuman physical dexterity
  • Enhanced physical flight/gliding
  • Enhanced powerful swimming
  • Enhanced physical cunning
  • Enhanced physical flexibility
  • Enhanced physical attributes
  • Enhanced physical abilities
  • Wolf Physiology
  • Enhanced powerful body
  • Enhanced powerful paws
  • Enhanced powerful skin
  • Enhanced powerful nose
  • Enhanced powerful Quill tail
  • Enhanced long powerful legs
  • Enhanced powerful bite
  • Enhanced powerful strength jaws
  • Regeneration healing factor
  • Accelerated Healing factor
  • Razor-sharp teeth and claws
  • Night vision
  • Retraction teeth
  • Retraction claws
  • Enhanced size
  • Enhanced Loudest howl
  • Enhanced Combatant
  • Excellent climbing skills
  • Bulletproof skin
  • Quill projectile



  • According to the official website of Rampage: Total Destruction, the Channel 3 news reporter, Mike Molloy (who only appears in the news report trailer) claims that Ralph enjoys taking walks with Amanda down the streets of Chicago.
  • Ralph in the 2018 movie barely resembles the Fenris Wolf from Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok as they are both giant wolves.
  • In Rampage 2: Universal Tour, the code to unlock Ralph, "LVPVS", is secretly saying "LUPUS", the binominal name for a wolf (Canis Lupus). It is also based off Latin name for "wolf".
  • Ralph may have been inspired by many werewolf movies including The Wolf Man (1941), Werewolf of London, and An American Werewolf in London. His size and appearance also bare a resemblance to the 1983 lost fan-film, Godzilla vs. Wolfman. His name is possibly a reference to the Looney Tunes character, Ralph Wolf, who appears in shorts with Sam Sheepdog.
  • In Rampage 2: Universal Tour, Ralph is held in a cage in London. This is a reference to Werewolf of London or perhaps An American Werewolf in London.
  • Ralph's birthday is February 25th and his Zodiac Sign is Pisces.
  • In the 2018 movie, Ralph’s flight membranes are similar to the Godzilla monster Varan or V.E.R.N.’S from Rampage World Tour
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