Crock the Crocodile
Species Human / Crocodile
Gender Male
Skin Color Dark Green (monster bio only)
Dark Brown (in game only)
Eye Color Dark Blue
Speed Slow
Jumping Mediocre
Crushing High
First Appearance Rampage: Total Destruction (2006)
Everyone says humans taste like chicken, but this crocodile thinks that's a Crock! Humans actually taste like asparagus, according to Crock the crocodile. All pedestrians of Hong Kong should beware of this razor toothed savage with his mammoth tail and its earth shattering force. He may be a slow climber, but if Crock could ever be taken down, he'd make a heck of a big handbag.
— Official Rampage: Total Destruction description

Crock is a crocodile-type monster/mutant in Rampage: Total Destruction. He is available to unlock in Hong Kong by using Kyle on the Wii and Rojo on the PS2 and GameCube versions.


Crock drank Scum Soda and had a violent reaction, that turned him into a crocodile monster.

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  • Crock may have been inspired by many killer crocodile movies, including Alligator, the Lake Placid series, Crocodile, Blood Surf, Primeval, Rouge and Black Water.
  • In his gameplay form and monster selection screen, he looks notably different. The difference in Crock's skin texture could be due to the dynamic lighting used in his bio image.
  • Crock, in very notable standards, has the longest bio out of all 40 monsters (10 of which have no descriptions).
  • He is the only monster of the two (the other being Fifi ) to be able to eat Cats, as real life Crocodiles have been known to eat Cats with ease.
  • His kick is rather a tail swipe, which was an attempt by the devlopers to exceed variation in the monsters (and considering Crock had a very long tail).
  • Crock is unlikely a human name and has a K, which is not found in the word crocodile. It was likely added to make his name to make it seem more like an actual name. Crock's real human name is unknown.
  • In rampage 2018 Lizzie is a crocodile which is similar to Crock himself
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