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• 4/15/2018

What do you think of the movie?

Personally it was good, sure it has several flaws but eventually nothing too big.

The main key points of Rampage were all there: monsters, chaos and destruction.

I hope in a sequel.
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• 4/22/2018
Loved it thoroughly, and yeah it was flawed but I thought it was good, even from a storytelling side.

It was kind of a Gaurdains of The Galaxy kind of film if you ask me, comedic and self aware but tense and full of good drama when it needed to be. The human villains were goofy as all hell, but really they were just meant to set the story up and as such were dealt with once they outlived their usefulness.

The other human characters were pretty good and well acted for the most part in my honest opinion. You get why the Rock's character is so distant from humans, that flashback was seriously fucked up.

I also feel making them animals made them more tragic and gave a strong yet not forceful environmental message about humanity's cruelty that you would just not have seen had they kept the mutant human concept. Honestly given the movie's popularity, I won't be surprised if later games keep this origin, so some pissy fans may wanna suck it up if that proves to be the case down the road, it's not like them being humans is an intergrel part of the Rampage franchise.

Bummed about Ralph and Lizzie though (Especially Lizzie, she's been one of my favorite fictional characters since childhood) I honestly don't get the decision to kill them off, oh well I am sure they will reappear in the sequel in some way

Also did anyone else think Lizzie was a total Angurius reference in this movie?.

3 stars out of 5

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